The BingoBuy Game Grid is a 5 X 5 Bingo Card Simulator, with a Center Square - the “Free Square” (FS) as well as two Golden Squares(GS).
Standard Bingo rules apply, i.e. you must get five-in-a-row, either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. The FS in the center is always “live” that is, it’s already been hit, so to speak. As the game unfolds, the “balls” drawn by the computer at random will match certain squares, causing them to change to blue.
There are a maximum of 47 balls drawn, and the squares are a light blue color at the beginning of the game, until hit.

You must get a Bingo to receive a product discount!

The numbers in the simulator are entirely random, from one through 75, but fall into the standard pattern of appearing in the designated columns, as follows:

B= 1 through 15

I= 16 through 30

N= 31 through 45

G= 46 through 60

O is for 61 through 75

The numbers are randomized within their respective columns, so that there are hundreds of billions of possible combinations for the Bingo layout; the “balls” drawn are also selected at random from the same one through 75 number sequence, without possibility of repeating. There is no zero.

The Golden Squares work like this –
One GS is always on one of the four corners, and the other can't be in a line so that both could be in the same Bingo. These are placed randomly in the Simulator. When a GS is hit, it changes to a deeper golden color, which makes it clear that it has been hit.

When a Bingo is made and NEITHER Golden Square is hit, then it’s a 10% discount on the Item;

If ONE GS is hit, but only one, then a Bingo gets you a 15% discount;

If BOTH Golden Squares are hit, but NEITHER is included in the Bingo, then a Bingo gets you a 20% discount;

If BOTH Golden Squares are hit, AND the Bingo passes through a GS then it’s a 25% discount;

It is also possible to have a Double Bingo, wherein one square being hit makes two different Bingos simultaneously.
When this happens you get an extra 10% discount on the Item. In other words, a 20% discount would become 30% because of the Double Bingo.

It’s actually possible to have a Triple Bingo, which is pretty rare. That can only happen when the next ball makes a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal Bingo all at once! But if it happens, we will add 25% to the discount, AND automatically enroll you in the Quarterly Sweepstakes.

When all 47 balls are drawn, and there’s no Bingo, the program will flash a message like “Better Luck Next Time”; each Shopper gets three tries per item, per day, for the discount on EACH BingoBuy Item at that vendor. You can play as often as you like, for as many different Items as you choose, on any participating site, within these limits.

You're never under any obligation to buy anything, regardless of the size of the discount awarded!

Each vendor sets a quantity limit for each item on his site; we cannot guarantee that if you don’t use a discount that was just made available to you, then you will have another chance to get a discount on that same item later. The decision on how many of each Item to offer is made solely by each vendor! Also please be aware that a Vendor can change his assortment of BingoBuy products offered at any time.

Each Shopper’s metrics are tracked and any reward features are displayed to the Shopper whenever he engages the BingoBuy Service. Our database keeps track of every Play and we’ll notify you by email of every special opportunity, like our occasional Happy Hours, so that you can save even more with BingoBuy!

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