This is the Terms of Service page for BingoBuy.
Details are coming soon. Our lawyer is working on it right now!

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Here are the approximate payouts for the BingoBuy Service - that is,
here's what you can expect on each play of the game:

NO BINGO 28.5%

10% DISCOUNT 14.1%

15% DISCOUNT 35.7%

20% DISCOUNT 7.2%

25% DISCOUNT 13.3%

35% DISCOUNT 1.0%

and the 30%, 40%, 45% and 50% - altogether - add up
to about 0.205% - so we call them the remotes.

By the way, this breakdown is based on approximately 848,000 playouts
on our BingoBuy Statistical Engine - so we believe it is statistically valid!

For now, please visit our demo site to experience the enormous online selling power of BingoBuy?
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